How to Have a Young-Looking Body at Any Age

Article By Belinda Benn
Author of the "Get Lean Program


It seems almost inevitable that as you age, gravity and the aging process itself are going to take a toll on your body.

Suddenly you discover that you're getting the saggy underarms reminiscent of your grandmother. Maybe your breasts are sagging. Perhaps your thighs and butt are covered with cellulite.

At this point, some women assume there's nothing to do but starting hiding these signs of aging behind clothes. But I have good news for you. You CAN wear shorts, tank tops and even swimsuits again, no matter what your age. All you have to do is sculpt your body to erase those signs of aging.

How to Have a Young-Looking Body at Any Age

What do I mean by "sculpting?" I mean you need to use bodyweight or resistance training to lift and tone specific muscle groups. If you pick the right exercises and pair your exercise program with a supportive, clean diet, then you too can have a young-looking body.

Here are three tips for making it happen…


1. Lift the Muscles Under Sagging Body Parts

Don't let gravity win its battle on your body. You can lift sagging body parts (like your butt or even your breasts) simply by lifting and toning the muscles beneath these parts.

For example, bodyweight and resistance exercises like squats, deadlifts, step ups (AKA box steps) and similar exercises help build the muscles in your thighs and butt. Meanwhile, exercises like bench presses, chest presses and pushups help build the pectoral muscles on your chest, which can help lift your breasts.

Don't think for a moment that these exercises will make you look "bulky" or make you look like a man. They won't. In fact, just the opposite occurs - when you build muscle, you are actually able to sculpt and shape your body. And that means you can create the curves that drive men wild and turn women crazy with envy!


2. Focus on Symmetry

As mentioned, you may have trouble spots on your body where you'll give a little extra attention. However, keep in mind that you need to work all the muscles in your body at least twice per week. Doing so will ensure you have a symmetrical body - e.g., your upper body matches your lower body. And this symmetry is what makes your body truly beautiful, so be sure to incorporate all muscles in your workout routines.


3. Shed the Fat

While you can selectively build muscle in certain parts of your body, you CANNOT selectively shed the fat. Your genetics decide where the fat is going to come off as you lose weight. However, you can support this process by pairing a good diet with a good cardio program (especially high intensity interval training, or HIIT).


Bottom line…

As your body starts shedding the fat, you'll start seeing the new muscles beneath the fat. And instead of a jiggling, shapeless body, you'll have a feminine, shapely and sexy body. Take that, Mother Nature!



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