I Want To Fit Into My Short Shorts Again


I wanna wear my short shorts without them being snug like they are now.

If I start weight training more than doing cardio and continue my excellent nutritional eating, will my shorts eventually fit comfy again without having to do so much cardio like I did few months ago?

And how often should I do cardio during the week?


You can definitely do less cardio and increase your weight training for effective fat loss. In fact, in the long run, it'll be more effective because you'll keep more muscle. That means when you go off dieting, your body will be able to burn more calories and you'll be less likely to gain it back.

I Want To Fit Into My Short Shorts Again

Doing cardio only burns calories while you're doing it - it doesn't build muscle.

I would suggest at least 3 times a week weights and 2 times a week cardio. With weights, you could feasibly skip shoulders but I wouldn't recommend skipping your back. That's where the biggest muscles of the upper body are and they're very important for posture.

If you don't work the back, you may end up getting a hunched posture and an unbalanced physique. Shoulders get worked with other movements and can be set aside for now safely.


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