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A Simple Technique to INSTANTLY Add 10 to 20 Pounds to Your Bench Press

If you've hit a plateau in your bench press numbers, it may not be due to problems gaining strength or lack of muscle may be due to problems in your pressing TECHNIQUE.

And let me tell you...if your benching technique is off, you're leaving a LOT of pounds on the table...pounds that you could be adding to your lift RIGHT NOW.

Learn the simple technique that will add 10 to 20 lbs to your bench press now...

Fat-Loss Circuit Training Done With Dumbbell Crawling for Core/Cardio

Fat Loss Circuit Training, if you're not familiar with it, is one of my favorite time-efficient fat-loss training strategies.

In this workout, there are two things at work...

1. I decided to use Dumbbell Crawling as my "cardio" instead of actual cardio. This is an incredibly effective core stability and strength exercise and, because it works essentially the entire body to some degree beyond just the core, it's PERFECT to use for Fat Loss Circuit Training.

2. I decided to limit myself to using a single 135 lb barbell for EVERY part of this workout, just to keep things very simple and to force myself to get creative. You don't necessarily have to do this, but I find it to be an excellent mental exercise in addition to physical exercise.

Learn how to do Fat Loss Circuit Training Dumbbell Crawling here...

Fat-Loss Circuit Training Done With Dumbbell Crawling for Core/Cardio

How to Specialize Without Specializing... Primary/Secondary Time-Volume Training for Traps and Shoulders

If you have a weak or undeveloped muscle(s) that you want to improve but don't want to sacrifice development in your OTHER muscles to bring it up, I've got just what you need...

This Primary/Secondary exercise version of my Time-Volume Training protocol is an excellent way to specialize on a particular muscle...without really specializing on it.

Learn how to do Primary/Secondary Time-Volume Training here...

INSANE Abdominal Training...Barbell Pullover Dragon Flag Leg Raises

This exercise is basically a combination of three exercises...all of which are very effective at torching your abs individually. When put together, the abdominal tension you can achieve is downright incredible.

Learn this insane ab exercise now!

Fat-Loss Circuit Training...A Challenging Fat-Loss Workout Done With Just an Empty Bar!

Fat Loss Circuit Training is a very effective and incredibly time-efficient fat-loss workout strategy.

Basically, you do a weight training workout, but instead of taking rest in between sets, you do a short interval of moderate-intensity cardio training.

It sounds easy...but in practice, it's EXTREMELY challenging. You literally get NO rest for an entire 25-30 minute workout. You're moving and working the whole time, constantly switching between the various energy systems of the body without recovery.

Get the complete total-body fat-loss workout now!

Fat-Loss Circuit Training...A Challenging Fat-Loss Workout Done With Just an Empty Bar!


Free Fitness and Training Library

Free Fitness and Training Library

Here you'll find information on how to choose a gym, cardio training basics, where to begin with your training, how to stretch, warm up, and the answers to a TON of fitness questions!

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

If you've been training awhile, this is the place for you! Great intensity techniques, secret training tips, advanced training information, mental strategies and much more!



Learn the techniques for getting the best results out of your exercises...and learn some of the most unique exercises you've never seen before!

Muscle Anatomy

Muscle Anatomy

Knowing what your muscles you're working and how they work is one of the most important aspects of training. Learn the basics here!


Be sure to check out our updated Questions and Answers pages! You'll find answers to some of the most frequently (and infrequently!) asked questions related to fitness and weight training. We have both Introductory and Advanced sections available.



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